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    Meditation Power

    Meditation Power

    A new brainwave entrainment system using direct acoustic stimulation. Om Meditation in any environment and NO HEADPHONES REQUIRED. Free samples available. Click on the picture for more information

    Photographic Memory

    Photographic Memory Training Course

    Underground Secret Testing Lab Reveals: Most people use less than 2% of their total brain capacity... So what are you doing with YOUR other 98%? ... If you want to activate your Natural Photographic Memory... Tap into your 'Inner Genius'... and discover how to Learn at the Speed of Light...Click on the Picture

    Conversational Hypnosis

    Conversational Hypnosis

    The astonishing secrets that allows you to put people under your spell quickly and easily. Get people to follow your lead, improve negotiation, get anyone to say yes, keep people loyal. Click on the books or the link above for free information.

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     A selection of Testimonials:

    I chanted the OM mantra along with the frequencies and had an amazing feeling in my hara. It started vibrating and after a few minutes a warm tingling spread throughout my whole body. I felt totally energized  after the 20 minute session. The effect is very consistent - I have just bought 4 more CDs.   David Samuel, Ontario

    What a remarkable experience. I am still buzzing  MT, Australia

    Thank you for the great service. The OM CD is brilliant.   Kelvin Schneider, SF, California

    I bought the Threshold compilation; what a cool CD. Some nice deep meditations. I have recommended your stuff to my meditation group.    Dennis Mayer, Seattle

    I was at one of your shows in London last year. I purchased some of the downloads pretty soon after. I found the OM and the Epsilon frequencies amazing. I have been to a lot of meditation classes and this is the deepest I have gone by a long way. Great feelings of bliss during and after some of the sessions. Hope to see you at Olympia again  Sarah Jackson, Croydon



    Free Sample

    Free Sample

    For a free sample of Mind Sync products click on the button.

    Subliminal Suggestion

    Subliminal Suggestion

    An amazing new subliminal system using the reverse speeching process. Works very quickly in any environment. Free samples available. Click on the picture for more information

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    Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed


    Mantra Manual

    Absolutely free access to our  Mantra manual AND the  famous E Book Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed


    Over 30,000 free E Books and softwares including psychic development, tarot training, hypnosis course, magickal texts,astrology software, rune casting, I ching, dream interpretation, wicca, crystals,etc.etc,etc

    Just Click HERE for free instant access

    Our Ultimate Reality

    Our Ultimate Reality

    Our Ultimate Reality truly is the single reference guide for everything you need to know to enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilling  life while understanding your own reality and true reason for being here. Find out why many other readers of this book have experienced such profoundly positive benefits. Over 600 pages. Get the first 7 chapters of this amazing E Book for free by clicking the picture or the link above

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